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You seem to be in need of a way to monitor your output.  There might be nothing wrong with the 32S1 - keep in mind that 100 watts, while usually a pretty usable amount of power, does not always cut it, especially if others are running higher power, have higher gain directional antennas, or happen to be at a more favorable skip distance.  

Adding a 312B-4 to your setup will show RF output, BUT keep something in mind: the meter on a 312B-4 (and most other wattmeters) can not follow voice peaks and will never show you true peak output on SSB.  It is OK for when you tune up in the lock key position or go key down in CW mode.  If you want to "see" your true peak output, as monitor scope is the best, and least expensive, way to do that.  Heathkit, Kenwood, and Yaesu all made monitor scopes, and the Heath SB-610 is probably the best known and most widely available.  Some people have even made cosmetically "close" conversions of SB-610s to appear as similar to S-Line equipment.  Use a monitor scope and you will no longer have to wonder if the rig has a problem - you will be able to see the RF output in real time.

BTW: I ran my S-line barefoot for several years.  Then I got smart and added a 30L-1.  Boosting a 90 to 100 watt signal to 500 or 600 watts may not sound like a lot, but it is a huge help.

Have fun and enjoy the equipment.  Just keep in mind the many factors that can affect how others hear you.

73, Dale
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>I had some fun this past weekend giving my newly refurbished S-Line
>a trial on the air.  The 75S-1 wasn't all that exciting as I have
>used it a bit prior, but as a stand-alone using.  Now it is all
>set as a transceiver with my 32S_1 and all the appropriate cables.
>First out was the CCA net.  I tried to join in the pre-net show, but
>I guess no one heard me :-)  During the regular net, Steve (W7JSC) was
>about to hear me in Cheyenne, WY but did comment the signal was not
>very strong.  This is a bit strange as the 32S-1 is freshly aligned
>(by the book) and a new set of finals.  (I'm going to check the 6CL6
>driver as a starting point.)  Altogether, not bad from southern New
>Hampshire :-)
>Later Sunday evening, I joined in a local 10m net to try the rigs
>on another band.  The only problem I noticed was the oscillator for
>the band (28.4 - 28.6 MHz) would only work if V2 were "jiggled".  I
>need to look into this.  (It works fine on all other bands.)  I have
>already cleaned the tube socket / pins as well as the crystal socket
>and pins of the band crystal.
>The nice thing was everyone on the local net said the signal sounded
>very nice.  So I guess the combo of the Shure 444 and the 32S-1 is a
>good one :-) :-)  This also would seem to indicate there isn't anything
>major wrong with the transmitter.
>Anyway, that's about it for now.
>Back to my other projects: my KWM-2 and and SDR transceiver I'm playing
>around with.... from one end to the other :-)
>- Mark  N1VQW

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