Re: {Collins} 75A-1 deafness

Merry Christmas to you, Max.....

If, as you indicate, you have 'peaked up' the RF stages, and your results there are UNIFORMLY OK, then it might be appropriate to look at the IF stages, or the stages between the RF and the AGC/detector section. Do you have Smeter indication at any signal level?? Using that as an indicator is it possible that your audio stages have issues?? Isolation at the Macro big picture level may indicate where the issues really lie.

Good luck.... this is always a learning experience.

John  K0KHZ

On 12/25/2014 10:30 AM, Max Cotton wrote:
Firstly, a very Happy Christmas to everyone on the reflector, hope you had / are having a great day. I decided to tackle my 75A-1 receiver this afternoon as it is profoundly deaf, I have been meaning to get to this for sometime. Swapping out some of the caps I am finding that most are fairly within tolerance, although they maybe leaky causing the problem, question I have is in the RF section, are the mica caps reliable as they look a bit of a challenge to remove/replace, non look blistered or cracked, I don't want to overdo this but am wanting to restore it to at least near to its original receive capablities. I did try peaking it up before this and it remained weak receive.
73, Max

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