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Yes, the antenna matching is the problem. You are going to have to get, or
make, an antenna tuner that is unbalanced to unbalanced. The end feed
impedance of a long wire is far from 50 ohms and varies wildly depending on
the relationship between the length of the wire and the wavelength of the
frequency you are on.  Try the tuner and you would be happy I think. One of
the interesting and somewhat limiting factors of the 51S-1 compared to the
51J series or the R-388, is that there is no antenna trimmer to help
compensate for such things.


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  Hi All,

I am trying to set up my 51S-1 receiver where I do not have easy access to
my transmitting antenna.  I tried a long wire and that works very poorly
with very weak signals compared to my transmitting antenna.  Does anyone
have thoughts and suggestions for what antenna I should use?  Is there an
impedance matching problem?  The 51S-1 says it want a a 50-ohm unbalanced
line.  Could that be part of the problem?

Thanks for any ideas,


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