Re: {Collins} 75S-3 PROBLEMS

 Hi Paul
Check all the tubes and make sure none of the tube pins
or socketts got croroded .
                 Stan K6RMR

Hello list

I put a good working 75S-3 in storage about one year ago. It worked 100% and had no issues. Put it inline with my 32S1 this morning and it lights up but no audio/ receive.
Speaker / headphone no audio ( not even a hiss)
Calibrator works as I can faintly hear it ringing in one of the tubes, but not speaker.
Meter is pulled backward below 0 on meter scale.
Preselector seems to work as it varies level of the calibrator on all bands
RF gain also will adjust level of calibrator like one would expect.
Works the same whether in STBY or OPR
Nothing smoked or popped when I turned it just doesn't want to receive. I don't have any spare tubes to substitute ( shame on me) so not sure where to start looking
Any thoughts?


Paul AD3G
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