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I would like to echo Ron's comments regarding this group.
Being a "newbie" to the CCA and the Reflector, although a HAM for 42+ yrs, I find it both refreshing and personally rewarding to be a member of the CCA!

The expertise and "willingness" to share same among the Amateur Radio Community is unique in this day and time!

I am in the "refurb" process with a 30L-1 and the multitude of guidance and suggestions, openly given is amazing.  I have a beautiful KWM-2 with PM-2 and SM-2 due in next month, can't wait!

My sincere thanks to ALL and a very Happy New Years!

John ...  WA4AIP
ARRL Charter Life Member

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> On Dec 29, 2014, at 10:12 PM, Ron <rfmosher@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm new to the Collins world and I'm looking forward to getting my newly
> acquired 75-S3B and 32S-3 on line soon.  Just want to say that I've been
> reading all of the Reflector posts for about the last two months and I am
> truly amazed.  There is so much expertise here that is freely given and such
> camaraderie and mutual support that I get more excited every day about being
> a part of the group.  This is beyond my wildest dreams.  I look forward to
> being the recipient of your advice and hope to be able to contribute
> something someday.  You all have a fantastic thing going here!!
> Happy New Year to All
> 73,
> Ron- K0PGE
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> Subject: Re: {Collins} 75S-3 PROBLEMS
> Is V10 the 6BF5 audio output tube lighting up?  That's the logical place to
> start troubleshooting.  Re-seat the tube by pulling and re-inserting it in
> the socket.  Careful, it can get hot enough to burn if it's working.
> Another thing you can do is touch a screwdriver to the center connection to
> the AF Gain control.  You should hear a loud hum, or buzz in the speaker.
> No luck? then check the voltages on the 6BF5.
> pin 1&7 = -11 Vdc (control grid)
> pin 5 = 127 Vdc (plate)
> pin 6 = 122 Vdc (screen grid)
> (Note: these voltages are with the tube operating.  If theses voltages are
> reasonably close to the right values).
> If you have 0 Volts on pin 5, then the output transformer T7 is probably
> open, or C58 (.01 uF from plate to gnd) could be shorted. If it is you can
> almost bet that the primary of T7 is open.
> Could be you just need to get yourself a new 6BF5 tube.  I'm betting on
> that.
> Jim - N5MSJ
>> On 12/29/2014 8:36 PM, MBenzguy wrote:
>> Hello list
>> I put a good working 75S-3 in storage about one year ago. It worked 
>> 100% and had no issues.
>> Put it inline with my 32S1 this morning and it lights up but no audio/ 
>> receive.
>> Speaker / headphone no audio ( not even a hiss) Calibrator works as I 
>> can faintly hear it ringing in one of the tubes, but not speaker.
>> Meter is pulled backward below 0 on meter scale.
>> Preselector seems to work as it varies level of the calibrator on all 
>> bands RF gain also will adjust level of calibrator like one would 
>> expect.
>> Works the same whether in STBY or OPR
>> Nothing smoked or popped when I turned it just doesn't want 
>> to receive.
>> I don't have any spare tubes to substitute ( shame on me) so not sure 
>> where to start looking Any thoughts?
>> Thanks
>> Paul AD3G
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