{Collins} Collins 30L-1 Input High SWR

Hi All,

    Posted here before about this but have a follow up question.

I've been told that the problem is not the tuned input ckt. but the 811 tubes. I fully admit that I'm not an expert on RF Amps, BUT it has good output on all bands except 20M. The tuned input on 20M will not go below 4 or 5 : 1 , all other inputs go to 1:1. I kind of think that if the problem is isolated to just the 20M tuned input that the logical "suspect" is one of the caps in the tuned input ckt. or am I incorrect and the 811's are the suspect? I "do realize" that the 811's are easier to change out, but it still doesn't compute in my ole brain.

     Thanks for everyone's feedback on this.


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