{Collins} want to identify unfamiliar capacitor type

I've been in the process of cleaning up and categorizing my old parts bins,
going to finer granularity in the bins so I can more readily locate the
parts and values I need, and stocking up on missing values.  I just went
through all my inductors and found about 50 that look like inductors (axial
leads, molded phenolic cases ~.2" in length and ~.16" in diameter) but which
turned out to be capacitors.  The caps are all in the range of <1 pF, 1-10
pF, and 10-50 pF.  I've never seen these before, which explains why some
decades ago when I pulled these I assumed they were inductors without
actually measuring them.   Can someone tell me what type of capacitor these
are (mica, other?) and what voltage ratings these may be?  Not strictly
Collins related, but I rely on this group more than you know, and I think
there is a Collins connection if only someone here could confirm it.  J
Please respond offline.


Gaylord Hart



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