{Collins} KWM-2 No Grid Drive

I have been refurbishing a 516F-2 and KWM-2 for the last several months. The
516F-2 was recapped and is working fine. The KWM-2 was also recapped and was
working fine except the power output was only about 60 watts. I had to
interrupt progress on the KWM-2 for about two months due to travel and other
activities, but when I went back to finish working on the unit, it now has
no grid drive at all on any band. A bit of a surprise to say the least. All
of the tubes in the unit had checked OK before I recapped it and I have
worked the band switch hoping maybe it was an oxidation problem to no avail.
Before I start doing resistance and voltage checks, hoped those of you more
familiar with working on the KWM-2 than I am could point me towards some
possible causes. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
Randy, K0FA

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