Re: {Collins} A "dot stabilzer" for Collins bug users

I was a Vibroplex "bug" user for many many years...

(My "Bug" fist is shot after years of using electronic keyers)

However, I found that a properly adjusted bug would produce solid dots.
If I recall, the technique was to send dots and adjust the fixed dot connector until a satisfactory stream of dots was produced.


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This is a little "off topic", but I have found the W0EB dot stabilizer such
a simple, useful, and completely satisfactory little device that I wanted to
tell list members about it.  I am sure that there are numerous bug users
amongst us Collins fans of a certain age.

This dot stabilizer is a little mechanical device that attaches to the
vibrating arm of your bug. It completely eliminates "scratchy dots" that
frequently can result from the opening of the bug dot contact.  It makes
sending easier and more regular and results in better copy at the receive
end.  I am told by Jim, W0EB that the device was developed during railroad
telegraphy days because of complaints from very high speed railroad
telegraphers.  It was made and sold by many bug manufacturers, but
interestingly not by Virbroplex, though the device works wonderfully on
Vibroplex keys including mine.

To see such devices and information about it go to: . There is also a nice picture of
the stabilizer on Jim's page.  NOTE: When those postings were made,
Jim had a dot stabilizer only for bugs with a round rod-shaped vibrator
(e.g. Vibroplex Blue Racer).  Now Jim also makes a device for bugs (like
mine) with a flat vibrator (e.g. Vibroplex Champion)

Jim asks $20 for the stabilizer domestic postage-paid and $35 international
with the customer responsible for customs fees if any.   The unit is made
from nicely machined aluminum and includes instructions and a small Allen
wrench to install and align the device. Contact Jim at w0eb@xxxxxxx




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