Greetings - I am working on an ex-MARS KWM-2A.  This is an early model with open frame relays. Serial #6087.   A sticker inside says it was serviced at Toby Hanna Army Depot in 1983.  There clearly have been some component changes over the years.

Overall the set looks in pretty good shape.  The transmitter relay K2 will not key, with the function switch or the PTT.  I have swapped out both V4 and V14 with no result.  The receiver sounds OK and I am getting B+ from both the 375 vdc and 800 vdc. I also tried it on two different 516F-2 power supplies to make sure there wasn't an issue there.

I suspect there is something stupid going on. Any ideas on where I can look for this problem?  Many thanks.


Lloyd Bankson Roach -K3QNT
 “The most deadly poison of our time is indifference."
--Saint Maximilian Kolbe, SP3RN -1938

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