Re: {Collins} KWS-1 in the military was KWM-1 History in the Military

there we go!!!!!
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Hi  folks,

Can we please not make this a KWS-1 discussion? Robert's initial  post 
was concerning the KWM-1 and no, its not a typographical  error.

I also have a KWM-1 (in very good operational condition), one of  a 
handful I suspect here in VK-land, so was interested in the initial post  
re it's military role, if any (other than the U2).

Let me add my  support to Robert's request - any material would be  

Steve VK2LW
Newcastle, Australia
CCA  member

On 8/07/2014 8:42 PM, Bill Riches wrote:
> When I was in  the USAF in Athens Greece we had a KWS-1 and 75a4 and one 
> position  along with 3 S-lines and 6 KWM-2 rigs.  The ops liked the KWS-1 
> best due to its "cool" factor.  I was there from 1962 -  1964.
> 73,
> Bill, WA2DVU
> Cape May,  NJ
> Anyone have knowledge of how the KWM-1 was used in the  Military from
> personal experience/knowledge, references or articles  including its use 
> Land, Sea, and Air?  The only short article  read long ago was that 
> Gary Powers' U-2 had on locked on a  comm frequency behind his ejection 
> 73
>  Robert Lawson W4RL CCA Member
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