Re: {Collins} KWM-1 in the military

To all the Gentlemen who have emailed me directly about the KWM-1, please consider posting your information to the CCA Reflector as I respect your privacy. It's great information.

Believe me you all, there are KWM-1 personal memories, accomplishments, and knowledge with that "Little Three Band Collins Brother" out there in our great group. Please share with us as I/we want to know. This is how Collins History is made for our knowledge and interest.

tnx es 73 Robert W4RL

On 7/8/2014 9:55 PM, Floyd Soo wrote:

I was not aware of this small piece of history. Are there any other facts or parts to this story you can share? I would like to know more!

Thanks and 73.
Floyd Soo, W8RO

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</div>I don't know if this constitutes military usage, but when, then, Vice
President Nixon was on a good will tour of Venezuela in 1958, his car was
attacked by a crowd in Caracas that broke the windows and tried to overturn  it.
He only had 12 Secret Service agents with them and their sole means of
communications was a KWM-1.  They radioed and got help from the Venezuela

73//Ron, KB0WAR
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