Re: {Collins} 75S-3..B/C SMALL CAP SET-lot 2

 Hi Joe,
     Are there any more capacitor sets available?  Please let me know.


                                                                        Rich WB3JLK

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Subject: {Collins} 75S-3..B/C SMALL CAP SET-lot 2

I have 19 sets of the 75S-3..B/C small capacitor replacements  that includes the  
following 7 items: 
 C-8, 97-----.1 X 200V  NOW  ---.1 X 630V 
 C-29--------8 X 25V     NOW  --- 10 X 25V 
 C-50--------.05 X 200V NOW ---- .05 X 630V 
 C-56-------- 100 X 6V   NOW ---- 100 X 6.3V 
 C-60-------- 40 X 150V NOW ---- 40 X 160V 
 C-107------- 10 X 150V NOW --- 10 X 160V 
I have had an increase in price of $.25 since the last listing. 
 All electrolytic MF caps are rated at 105 degree C. 
C-56 is now a radial type. 
1ST come; 1ST served. 
I will also have several tubes for Collins sets very soon. 
Pay Pal ok via my email address. 
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