{Collins} OT- It Is TELSTAR DAY!!!!! July 10, 1962. This date marks the launch of Telstar

It Is TELSTAR DAY!!!!! (see links  to SMECC stories)

July 10,  1962.  This date marks the launch of Telstar 1, the first 
communications satellite  capable of relaying television signals from Europe to 
North  America!
Yes  on this VERY day long ago our childhood TELSTAR I was launched.... and 
so was my  fascination with Sat Com- 

This is sure to be a memory though ... and a great song by Joe  Meek of UK 
but a hit indeed for the VENTURES (60s music buddies can add to this  ) 
John R. Pierce of Bell Labs fame was the father of TELSTAR, and later in my 
 life to become a great friend and of mine and a friend to the SMECC museum 
 project. In addition A.C. Dickieson, the project manager for TELSTAR, 
ended up  retiring in Sun City here and I got to know him as well. Add to that 
James Early  who did device development for the Telstar Project another great 
mind and a  great friend...Unfortunately all have passed on many years 
ago.....add to that  Eugene O'Neill and other... and look below in comments and 
you will see some  other articles about TELSTAR by some people I was happy 
to call my friends... I  miss them all but thankful to have had the time I 
did with them. ok lets listen  to the TELSTAR song by the Ventures....

Enjoy the walk down memory lane.... Ed Sharpe archivist for SMECC  


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read all these authors and articles at  SMECC 

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(http://www.smecc.org/uk_first_telstar_transatlantic_color_transmission.htm)   ]

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