Re: {Collins} 30S-1 High Voltage Transformer

TNX to all who answered my request for transformer info on the 30S-1. I
guess I knew about Hammond and had looked a while ago on the link to the
Peter Dahl products. I also conveniently forgot that these older
transformers, newly manufactured are like gold (well maybe not quite as
bad). The cost of that metal will be more than I have in the entire amp. It
also sounds as if a rewind and acquisition of a core will cost about as
much. I may have to shelve this project for a while. I used to make up
transformers (high current filament only) when I was a kid, however
rewinding one like the High Voltage 30S-1 without the proper equipment might
be a project for the next lifetime (Collins Collectors do get a second run
--don't they :>) )
Thanks again to this great group for answering the call for assistance.
Tom H

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Hi All

I picked up another 30S-1 that looks complete except for the high Voltage
transformer. Does anyone have a working one available or a source for a new
one. I could also try for a core from a bad transformer and get it rewound.
I would like to restore this as it appears all good except for the
transformer-I really hate to part these out as they are then forever removed
from the inventory left out there for future Collins collectors.

Tom H


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