{Collins} FS: 75A-4

It looks like the KWS-1 has been sold separately, and my first thought was to keep the 75A-4, but I think it will sit on a shelf all by its lonely, and mebbe it's better to pass it along as well. This 75A-4 is ser#4668 and came from the W0ZUS estate auction which I believe was in August 2011. It has three filters 0.5, 3.1, and 6.0 kHz. It has the K7CMS AVC mod which is relatively easy to undo if you wish. The black beauties have been replaced with orange drops as well. It has always worked FB for me although the last time I used it I thought the audio was a bit distorted. Nevertheless, it is a good functioning receiver. It comes with two original manuals, and a compendium of 75A-4 mods. $900 plus actual shipping. I can send pics if you like.


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