{Collins} FS: Late RE 32S3

I have a RE 32S3 ser nr 30265 in very good condition with no marks at all  
on it.  I have tested it on all bands both CW and SSB into a dummy load and  
there is full output on all bands (approx 110 watts through a Bird 43).  I  
know the history of this rig from the original owner and the second owner 
both  now SK.  I did have to jiggle the band switch on a couple bands to get 
full  output.  I have done no Deoxiting nor any cleaning other than using a 
small  artist's brush to clean the light dust.  The crystals are set up as  
1A  3.5 - 3.7  1B  7.0 - 7.2  1C  14.0 -  14.2  1D  21.0 - 21.2  1E  28.0 - 
2A  3.6 - 3.8  2B  7.2 - 7.4  2C  14.2 -  14.4  2D  21.2 - 21.4  2E  28.5 - 
3A  3.8 -  4.0                      3C  10.0  - 10.2  3D  18.0 - 18.2  3E  
24.8 - 25.0
I made up a spiral bound manual for it as I didn't have the original  
manual.  I used an SM-2 microphone for SSB and listened on my IC-781.   It 
sounded very good.  I never got around to using the rig and will  guarantee that 
it will work or return it to me.
I would like to get $775 including shipping via Fedex 2 day air.   Before 
selling it I would like to talk to you over the phone and answer any  
questions you may have.  Thanks.
73, Kurt W6PH  Lone Pine CA  (QRZ is my NH  QTH)

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