Do Me A Favour

I decided to contact you through this medium for an assistance that
can save my life and that of my kids too.
Meanwhile, i am the wife of Dr Lawrence Luomba ,a popular politician and
a philantropist in libriville, Gabon, who was murdered here in libriville,
Since after his death,i and my four kids, have never seen peace,rather
i have been recieving threats from my late husband immediate family who want
to inherit all we have laboured all this years,they have been trying to kill me
thinking that i am a stumbling block on thier plan.
Fortunately,my late husband has about $8.5 M USD (Eight million five hundred thousand dollas )
 deposited in a security company,as a family valuables here in Gabon,This
 money he made in politics,because politicians account are been mornitored.
I recently contacted the manager of the securty company,who agreed to assist me
move this consignment outside africa, i am begging you to come forward
 and assist me in moving this money to your country so that i can settle and
invest my little fund there to save my life,
If you find it necesary to help me, kindly get back to me as soon as possible lycee012@xxxxxxxxx
I promise to give you %15 of the total amount for assisting me.
Thanks and be blessed,

Mrs Lycee Luomba

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