{Collins} FS - Bird Model 8135 Coaxial Resistor ("Dummy Load") - 150 watt for testing S-Line/KWM-380, etc.

Collins Fans,

I have a BIRD Model 8135 150 watt "coaxial resistor" (which we usually call "dummy loads") for sale to a new home.  I have not used it for awhile because I have Term-A-Line units with wattmeter built-in, as well as other loads.  Although this particular unit has some years on it, this model is still current production (as of yesterday, when I checked Bird's web site).  It is the standard configuration, with a Type N female connector, handy carrying handle, and 4 rubber feet in good condition.  The Bird gray paint is in very good condition, with the exception of the connector end. where there are scratches and sticky residue from various stickers that were on the unit prior to me obtaining it.

This unit is S/N XXX6 (nameplate is intact), and to the best of my knowledge, the unit has not been overloaded. The 8135 is rated for 150 watts continuous duty, so it is perfect for running output tests on the S-Line, KWM-2s, KWM-380s, etc.  It is oil-filled and has the big vertical heat radiating fins.  Pictures upon request from interested parties.  RF specs, besides power rating, are for VSWR.  This unit is rated over the range of DC to 4 GHz with a worst case VSWR of 1.3:1.  It will be at or below 1.2:1 over most of the range below 2.5 GHz, so your 62S-1 will be happy when testing it on 6m or 2m.  At DC, this unit measured 51 ohms on my Fluke DMM and about 49 ohms on an analog ohmmeter (remember those?).

Price is $90 + shipping for 8 pounds from ZIP 51230 (Iowa).  I'll ship via USPO Parcel Service unless the buyer wishes to use FedEx or UPS.  So, if you don't have a DL-1, please contact me OFF LIST about this excellent alternative.  Thank you.

73, Dale - WA9ENA
CCA Member

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