Re: {Collins} Rebuild and modernization of the 516F-2 power supply

Hey Tom,

As far as I am concerned, leave the 516F-2 as is. In another way of saying it, do not reinvent the power supply. Just my thoughts.

Walter Cheatham K7CCA

On 6/12/2014 10:53 AM, Tom Branton wrote:
Good afternoon gents,

I have returned to ham radio after a long absence and I am in the process of putting together an S-line station (my first).  One of my thoughts was to have the unmodified 516-F2  power supply modernized with diodes and caps.  I wondered if anyone on the board might have a recommendation on a particular modification kit that worked well for them?  I did see that Radio Farm Projects has a new kit in the works and I imagine there are other very good ones on the market.  Also, perhaps a recommendation on a good Collins shop to do the work?  I am a pretty good CPA but my electronics repair technique is not the best.   I'm located in the Houston area.

Thanks everyone,

Tom Branton KF5WBS

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