{Collins} Ruben: Suggestion for an ART-13/DY-17

Reuben (and others who may have an unused DY-17 in your garage) here is my
suggestion as to a great place where that current burner ought to call home:

When I came across the ART13 in the garage at a ladies house, picked it up
(she gave it to me) and ultimately donated it to the Collins Collector
Museum & FIFI support group; the folks I talked to there were asking me
(closer to begging as I recall....) for DY-17's to keep FIFI the wonderful
B29 alive & flying with the Collins gear since, while ART13's aren't
particularly in short supply; the dynamotors that power them (and associated
parts for them) sure are hard to get.

We have reliable AC power here on the dirt but the extension cord they have
to power that thing up there isn't quite long enough...so if you are wanting
to power up your ART13 and are looking for an excuse to build up a nice,
efficient solid state supply then I can't think of a better reason to donate
that lousy old noisy amp-eating dynamotor to FIFI and help to keep our
miniscule Confederate Air Force flying the Collins flag. 

Get with folks on THIS LIST with a post and that rare & highly sought after
DY-17 will find its way back into the sky where it belongs. 

One man's opinion and hey Ruben; if you DO decide to donate that dynamotor
and need transformers & parts to make that power supply call me first & I
will give you some of the stuff I have to help you make yours work too.
Heck...if you have extra brushes to give them I will ship what I have to you
for free.

Robert L. "Bob" Burchett WB6SLC
22826 Mariposa Ave. 
Torrance CA 90502
Direct line: 310.534.4456
Website: www.EEonTheWeb.com

Subject: {Collins} Oddball question for an ART-13/DY-17

Hey all,

This isn't necessarily a Collins-specific question, so my apologies in
advance if I'm asking this in the wrong place.

I have an ART-13 here that (one day) I hope to revive and get it back on the
air.  It's in serviceable condition I think and appears complete.  That
being said, I also have a extremely well-kept DY-17A dynamotor that I would
love to use to power said transmitter as it was originally intended.  Yes,
it might be crazy as opposed to building my own solid state supply, but it
(the dynamotor) is doing nothing at this point playing the part of a _very_
expensive paperweight.

The ART-13 page over at Western Historic Radio Museum states that a PP-1104
charger could power the dynamotor, but apparently those are far and few
between these days.  The guys over at Fair Radio said they haven't seen any
in about ten years.  I don't get out to the big fests and can't get to
Dayton, so I'm asking you all here.  Do you guys ever see these out there
still, or even better, if you were in my shoes, what would you use to run
the DY-17A?

Thanks in advance
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