Re: {Collins} Oddball question for an ART-13/DY-17

Right guys, now I have finished my work, I can give you all a bit more information on these power supplies, as a lot of you have replied to me directly and there are a lot of enquires and queries regarding them so I'll explain here: I have two, but only needed one to do the job, I, like some of you doubted that these would cope with the start up current of the ART-13 or the BC-375 dynamotors, I sort of expected to have to use some big caps (100000uF+) or batteries, now the whole idea of using this was to eliminate two very big and now very tired old boat batteries, not only were they bulky but having lead acid batts in the shack was a no no, I wired up one and gave it a go, to my utter surprise the dynos whizzed into full rpm in a second, no dimming lights, no current limiting just 2.5 amps antenna current and a full 100+W output, I suppose you could run two in parallel or use a couple of big caps but I have not found that necessary so not done that. Oh and by the way that is running the BC-348 receiver as well as the ART-13 or BC-375. I am really pleased as 1/ They are very electrically quiet, 2/ Not big at all, and 3/ Tolerably noisy, well no more than a dynamotor anyway. :-)) Spec is here: 176 to 275v ac diagrams and manual here:- If anyone wants any more info or pictures of my setup and slight mods to the power units to get them going ( You have to jumper a couple of pinouts) please ask and I will send them to you, I cannot post them online as the reflector will not allow it. >>I have nothing whatsoever to do with the supplier of these units, just a (very) happy customer.<< I thought they were excellent value for money and a lot better than these massive transformer units that are so big and bulky, I can put a decent radio ( KWS-1 later (thats another story)) where I have had these batteries. I did notice someone else selling these psu's for a lot more than this supplier.
73, Max

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