{Collins} Important News for all Collins Lovers

To CCA Members and Non-Members alike,


Some days you get to have more fun than others.


The CCA website at Collinsradio.org has just been updated with some great
news. Check out the top two headlines on the home page by clicking on them
and reading the announcements involved. Start with the top headline.


I won't spoil the surprise here..  But let's just get the ball rolling by
saying that a significant piece of Collins transmitting gear has been saved
from scrap by a group of people that you will want to get familiar with. You
might even want to help. Oh, by the way, that transmitter weighs 22 tons..


For you AMers...you are going to double love this. BIG IRON RULES!


All of it would not have been possible without some great help and partners.
take a look at the second headline too. Your CCA continues to reach out and
find new ways to help you enjoy your hobby and to preserve the history of a
great company - Collins Radio and Rockwell Collins.


Following this news, there will be some additional announcements - as the
scope of the activities and our services offered is about to expand again.
Stay tuned here and on the website.




Bill Carns, N7OTQ

Trustee K0CXX

President, Collins Collectors Association

Editor, Signal Magazine

Wimberley, TX

512 618 2762  (Cell)

512 847 7010  (Home)


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