Re: {Collins} 2-Propanol as cleaning agent for rotary switches.

Hi Bent,

A recurring myth among Collins collectors is that one must be very cautious
using solvents or water around the rotary switches in the S-line. The
concern is that the phenolic wafers will absorb water or other cleaning
agents, causing the wafers to swell and soften, thus leading to irreversable
damage to the switches. Some owners avoid using De-Oxit D5 on rotary switch
contacts for the same reason.


A few years ago, I conducted an experiment in which I completely submerged
in water for 24 hours a Collins wafer switch removed from a piece of S-Line
equipment, and then I repeated the experiment in De-Oxit D5 for 24 hours. I
measured the wafer thickness with a micrometer before and after this
treatment to check on possible swelling, and also inspected the wafer for
contact loosening or other problems. To my surprise and pleasure, the wafer
was completely unaffected by this treatment. The only effect of the DeOxit
D5 on the switch was to make the contacts look shiny and bright. I'm
unfamiliar with 2-Propanol, but my general impression is that the wafers in
Collins switches are extremely durable and resistant to water and other
cleaning agents.  I wrote up the details of my experiment on this reflector,
so presumably it can be found somewhee in the archives.


Jim W8ZR


>Is someone able to inform me whether 2-Propanol can be used as a cleaning
agent for the rotary switches in the KWM-2 etc.

>According my knowledge it should be water free.


>If not, what is then recommendable ?


>Thanks in advance.


>Best regards



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