Re: {Collins} 2-Propanol as cleaning agent for rotary switches.

I suspect many followers of the thread don't recognize "2-propanol" as the common iso-propanol (rubbing alcohol) available in all drugstores. They're the same molecule. Rubbing alcohol is often sold at 70%, diluted with water, but it's easy to get with little or no water added. It's sufficiently polar to not be a particularly good oil and grease solvent, but is slightly better than ethanol or methanol.


Fred VE1FA

At 11:01 AM 2014-06-28, Bill Carns wrote:
DeOxit is not a lubricant.   It is a surface conditioner. Also, you do not
want to use contact "Lubricants" of any sort - particularly on switches that
have Phenolic wafers.

DeOxit by itself does a great job and if the contacts are kept clean, there
is no need for lubricant.

Regarding lubrication of the shafts and detents..  BE VERY CAREFUL..  From a
wear standpoint, if you wish to use something, then use of a very small
amount of lubricant (WD-40 is NOT a good lubricant) to minimize future wear.
You must use a grease in the detents that DOES NOT MIGRATE. I have seen way
too many radios where lubricant was used improperly (type or amount) and the
result was a big mess, a big dirt accumulator and ultimate problems.  Use a
Dry Moly based lube on the shaft and apply, do not spray. Let the carrier
take it into the bushing and do its thing. Then, if you feel it is
necessary, use a very small amount of moly based, or lithium based lube -
just a film - on the detents. I would avoid TFE based lubes. It is slippery
stuff and runs around.

Again, do not use WD-40..  Many do, but consider:  WD-40 leaves a residue
when it dries that is not a lubricant. It gets - in large amounts - sticky.
Also, by its very intent and name, WD-40 residue attracts water. Using WD-40
on anything that can corrode or rust is a long term death sentence. If you
want to see something scary, wipe down half of your drill stand bare steel
table with WD-40 and then wipe the other half with a nice general purpose
oil like 3 in 1 and then paper towel it dry. Come back in a month and look
at the rusty half where you used WD-40.

The thing you absolutely want to avoid is spraying lubricants ( I do not
like spraying cleaners either) on any switch part.  Whatever you do, be
judicious in the use of whatever you use. You do not want it migrating
around, attracting dirt, getting on phenolic, or getting in contacts.

There are many opinions of these subjects. There are mine and your mileage
may vary - of course.


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Somebody correct me if I'm wrong here -- but I don't think you just want to
clean switches. You also want to lubricate them, and leave something behind
to retard oxidation. A good contact cleaner (such as DeOxit) performs all
three functions. Detents and bushings also need lubrication.


On 2014-06-27 1:58 PM, Bent Jørgensen wrote:
> Hello All
> Is someone able to inform me whether 2-Propanol can be used as a cleaning
agent for the rotary switches in the KWM-2 etc.
> According my knowledge it should be water free.
> If not, what is then recommendable ?
> Thanks in advance.
> Best regards
> Bent
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Fred Archibald

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