{Collins} Will buy or borrow any of the Collins info on the following areas to complete

AT SMECC MUSEUM >> We are looking  for  scans of   or  will buy  or  borrow 
any of the Collins  info on 
particle accelerators,
  microwave ovens,
 hi power tube projects,
Science developments  from end of  WW2  to 1960s
Urgently needed to  complete some holes  in the web site   project on this..
Want to see what  we are  doing?  help us  get  this  DONE!
Please  keep the  flow  of  goods and information  coming in 
lest  I  shelve  this  an  wander off  onto one of the  other projects.
Ed Sharpe, Archivist  for SMECC
In a message dated 6/28/2014 1:32:45 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time,  
collinsradio@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

The CRA  maintains a large collection of Collins-related materials that are 
available  to members and nonmembers alike, either scanned to a PDF file 
and then  forwarding via email.  However, we will mail a hard copy for a 
nominal  fee.  Our collection has grown extensively over the last 30 years and  
someday we hope someday  to have a running inventory of our  collection.  
Please ask – we might have something that you are looking  for.

The CRA book store still has available the following:   :  Art Collins:  
Radio Wizard by Ben Stearns,  the hardcopy 75  Years of Innovation produced by 
Rockwell-Collins and the KWM-2 Guidebook  prepared by myself and Ted 
Craven, W0TCW, and the Collins Compendium of some  of the articles that were in 
the Collins Journal for the past 30 years.   Price for each book is only $25 
which includes postage in the USA.  Check  or PayPal accepted.

The construction of the new-fresh CRA website is  coming along nicely 
thanks to a team of four highly skilled individuals who  anticipate completion 
sometime on or before July 31.   A new domain  name has been selected.  Stay 
tuned.  Of course, your ideas and  suggestions are always appreciated on what 
you expect from a Collins radio  website – not a lot of clutter and 
superfluous materials that you have to  “wade through!” to get to where you are 

If you are  passing through the Johnstown, PA area,  please do stop by for 
a tour of  the Collins Radio Center/Museum by appointment only.

Remember, the CRA  maintains a large inventory of new and used, old stock 
Collins parts, etc.,  please inquire if you are looking for your special need.
The CRA can also  assist you to restore-repair-service your Collins.    

Remember to post your messages to me and not to the subscribers of  these 
two mail lists  if you have a question or comment.   collinsradio@xxxxxxxxxxx 
 I am also available by phone in the evenings,  preferably, at (814) 

Now go out and enjoy Field Day this  weekend.  No CRA net this Sunday.

Thank you

David Knepper -  W3CRA/W3ST
Collins Radio Association
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