{Collins} Circuit Board for W5QN Article: "Improving S-Meter Linearity for Collins S-Line Receivers"

In the July, 2014 issue of QST,  W5QN discusses a means of improving linearity of the Collins S/Line S-meter.  I just placed an order to have a pair of high quality printed circuit boards made.  Cost was $70, less shipping.  I only need one board but the manufacturer's minimum was for two.  I will sell the extra board at my cost of $35 + U.S. Priority Mail Small Box Rate of $5.80 = $40.80.  U.S. only.

This is only the PC board; you will need to purchase your own components.  If you receive no response from me,  it means the board is no longer available.  Many tnx!

Paul, W9AC

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