{Collins} Collins 32S-3 Repair Success, took a long, long time!

Hello the Group:

I have been dealing with a very nice 32S-3 for several months.  Since I am
retired, when the issues become less than friendly, I walk away for a day or
two!  (Um, maybe a week or two---)

Today the 32S-3 transmitter is now working perfectly!  It has been a bit of
a long struggle.  All bands peaked up as predicted in the manual for the RF

The main problem I was dealing with was visible wear on the crystal
oscillator band switch wafer inside diameter.  The proper crystal was not
connected at the correct position of the band switch.  So, I got the crystal
oscillator section to align, but ignored the other band switch wafer
alignment.  They were not aligned------

Thinking I had resolved the issue, I locked in the crystal oscillator band
switch wafer with a small dab of Silicon rubber cement.  That is good stuff,
because it is easy to remove.  OK, now the crystal oscillator worked
perfect, on all bands and the radio was ready to test.

It failed horribly.  I have other projects, I picked up the hatchet and
hammer left on the right side of the work bench, left to "intimate" the
transmitter.  They were put away.  

OK, today I came back and examined the other four band switch wafers--- um,
they were in horrible alignment, way, way, off!  I reviewed the options and
aligned the wafers, then finally the crystal oscillator wafer, which has a
worn ID,.  

Now the transmitter works perfect, with a bucket of grid current drive on
all bands.  I sure learned a lot over the last 7-10 weeks!

This is the tenth piece of S-Line equipment I have repaired, I will quickly
state I learned the most from this one.  Really Happy on how well it works
this evening!  All issues are resolved!!


Chuck Curran  W9KR
Cedarburg, WI

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