Re: {Collins} KWS-1 Project, with Paint needs

Chuck, Send me some pictures so I can get an idea of what you are dealing
with cosmetically. You are not going to be happy fixing minor "Scrapes with
wrinkle spray. Spraying wrinkle on a clean and very smooth surface is one
thing. When you try and spray it on a "Mixed" surface where you have some
old wrinkle and some bare - it is going to really look bad.

I use a technique depending on the size of the blemish where you dodge in or
touch up in the wrinkle in the bare spots only and the use a very light
color coat over all the surfaces.

The paint is not black - it is called St, James Grey, and it is actually a
very dark grey that has some green in it.

The exact match will take some adjustment. Do the wrinkle with the black -
and the paint I recommend is the Harley Davidson Engine wrinkle Black. Then
buy some St. James Grey from a supplier like Nebraska Surplus or you can
have it mixed according to recipes available in our reflector threads. I use
the Surplus Sales of Nebraska Paint. Last I heard they got it still from
Klinger Paint Company in Cedar Rapids where the paint was originally
purchased by Collins. 

Now - regarding match. All Enamel ages and darkens during its entire life
and more or less depending on the cumulative temperature and light exposure.
I often have to take the "Spray Can" original color and spray it out into a
container. Darken it with a tidge of black and use an air brush or a small
hand spray outfit to paint with.

Shoot me the pictures and then we can talk more.


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Hello the Group:


I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase a KWS-1 right after
Thanksgiving in 2013.  I had to let it sit due to other commitments, but
yesterday and today I started working on the electrical restoration.  That
is going extremely well, and I am pleased with the resources available
through the service bulletins and the Collins Collectors Association
archives.  Nothing was done to update any of the suspect capacitors in the
RF deck, but the problem power supply choke was given a thru bolt insulation
step at some point in the last 59 years.


So here is the real question.  While the RF deck is immaculate and
spotlessly clean, there are paint chips and scrapes.  I went looking for
spray paint I could use to paint the cabinet panels, all removed and
carefully sitting in a stack behind me as I type.  I found that by searching
for "wrinkle" paints, it is possible to find several suppliers.  I found VHT
paints, which are sold at NAPA automotive stores.  It is $8.95 per can. 


I read the directions and pulled out a 1" x 4" strap of copper, cleaned it,
and sprayed it exactly as the directions suggested, and it turned out
beautiful, fantastic wrinkle finish!  However, the black was much "blacker"
than the original Collins finish.  The original seems to have a touch of
gray or possibly silver included?


Has anyone been able to locate a wrinkle finish black spray paint that is
closer to the original "shade" used by Collins?  


This is a challenge for me for the KWS-1.  What might be the closest over
the counter wrinkle finish spray paint?  Who found the winner?


Thanks in Advance,


Chuck  Curran  W9KR

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