Re: {Collins} HF/KWM-380 Kiron Boards

The exact NVRAM that was used by Kiron in the M2A and M3A versions is designated as obsolete at Mouser. However, there appear to be alternatives within the NVRAM series that may work.

According to Ron Long of Kiron, the battery-backed RAM used in his Kiron boards was manufactured by STMicroelectronics, Part No.

M48Z02-200PC1.  Mouser has this NVRAM listed as Catalog No.

511-M48Z0220PC1 (200 ns access time), but status is "obsolete."

However, Mouser does currently show:

- 511-M48Z0270PC1 (70 ns access time)

- 511-M48Z0215PC1 (150 ns access time)

The only difference among these three versions of NVRAM appears to be access time. Data sheets for all three are available on the Mouser web site and a side-by-side comparison can be made for the two available types in the series.

I have not yet had to resort to replacement of NVRAMS in the Kiron boards. The manufacturer indicates at least a 10-year life in the absence of power. Ron Long guessed at 40 years in Kiron service installed in a 380.

I have not searched beyond Mouser for availability.

Jerry Kessler

At 01:56 PM 3/19/2014, LeeCraner@xxxxxxx wrote:
I was under the impression that these RAM's were still available.  Was  I


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w7jsc@xxxxxxx writes:

I have a  friend that has a KWM-380 and needs a Kiron board due to the
battery dying, he  does not have Internet capability. I looked through the
archives and found that Mack W4AX was possibly going to produce some boards back
in 2011. I was  wondering if that project came to fruition or if there is
another source for  these boards?

J. Steven Cochrane W7JSC

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