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It sounds like your VOX ckt is hanging up.  Check the .047uf cap in the VOX ckt.  I think it's C-102.  Chg it out to .068uf at 400+VDC.  Also check the two 68K ohm resistors in parallel.  They should be close to 34 ~36 K ohm.  If any of these components are bad, they'll make the VOX hang up. You could also have a dirty/defective VOX time constant pot.

Steve, N6HK

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Have KWM-2 that has tons of drive and output.  Transmits fine.  But when I change from the "Tune" position to LSB or USB, it takes about 45 seconds for the receiver to come back on.  I don't hear any relays dropping out.  Does it every time and it takes almost exactly the same amount of time for the receiver to kick in.


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