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I would also like to weigh in on this , as I am on my third KWM380.
Never was fortunate enough to own a brand new one, but they are fine radios. Some KWM380's are better than others.....the first two I owned were average performers....they did have a high noise floor , and had some SB's done, I can't recall which ones though,and they were pretty much factory stock. The one I have now went through W7HC's hands while he was still alive, and he swapped out the diodes and replaced with pin diodes, did the power output mod ( on/off switch & potentiometer in place of on/off switch) . It is a far better reciever with new diodes installed compared to the other two 380's I owned. A fair price is subjective I suppose ,it depends on how badly one wants the radio. There are better performing newer rigs out there in the same price range, but in twenty years they won't be worth what the 380 is worth. I suppose it's like having a 1970 stingray convertable, not an everyday driver, but a LOT of fun, and,properly cared for , should always be worth at least what you paid for it , unlike say a Yaecomwood that cost 2500.00 new in 2010 , and is now worth 1500.00-1700.00 on the used market. I would think a fair price ( I didn't notice a price in your email) would be 1500 to 2300 depending on what filters it has , whether or not it has the speech processor or noise blanker, SB's that were done, cosmetics, etc. , all which will add to the price. I have no shortage of radios in my shack, and my KWM380 is one of my favorites over most everything else I have.


On 3/20/2014 10:05 AM, Tom Branton wrote:
Good morning gents,

I need an opinion (never a problem for this fine group).  For a one owner, KWM-380 in very nice condition, what would be your thoughts regarding a price range for a purchase price?  It's serial number is in the fourteen hundred range.  Service bulletins are unknown but I expect it has a number of them done.  Last question, what is the GC option?  I assume it means general coverage?

Here is the information from the back panel.  Thanks everyone,


FILTERS.                                       OPTIONS

                         AM...........X.                                     NB..........X
                         RTTY........X.                                     REM.....X
                         CWA........,X.                                    GC.........
                          CWB.......X.                                      SP..........X

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