Re: {Collins} F3AT is 100 years old ~ Nice Collins S line

Unfortunately, his email is not accepting incoming Happy Birthday wishes. I tried to do so, as well as compliment him, on his Collins station, and got this response:

Your message cannot be delivered to the following recipients:

 Recipient address: IvanF3AT@xxxxxxx
 Reason: Remote SMTP server has rejected address
 Diagnostic code: smtp;550 5.1.1 <IvanF3AT@xxxxxxx>: Recipient address
 Remote system: dns;||44916||25) ( ESMTP Internet Inbound)

Evening Shade, OK

"If ye love wealth, greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude, greater than the animating contest, for freedom, then go home from us, in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down, and lick the boot, of the hand that feeds you, and may posterity forget, that ye were once our countrymen".
Samuel Adams-Patriot and Brewer

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> On Mar 22, 2014, at 11:53, Max Cotton <airradio@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> F3AT Ivan is 100 years old! qrz page shows a very nice S line. 
> 73, Max M0GHQ
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