Re: {Collins} Asking advice on HF amps

Hey, I'm with Dan. No matter what your antenna is now, adding a 30L1 will  
make you 6 -8 db louder for less than $100 bux per db, and the only physical 
 plant changes you might need are a slightly bigger table.  There's a  
reason Art made amps and KW class amateur transmitters, methinks, and I  don't 
see why anyone should be apologetic about using one :)
And that's not even considering 40 meters - with the 30L1 and a vertical,  
you'll be more competitive on 40 than 20 by a long shot, and the  neighbors 
may be a lot happier looking in your direction, as long as  you stay out of 
their computer speakers and fire alarms with the amp on.   And if you still 
long for directivity on the higher freqs, phase a couple  verticals and 
switch a delay line when you need to, and the guys with the  tribanders at 35 ft 
barefoot will often be waiting for you to be done.
That said we'd all like bigger antennas, but there is the old cartoon about 
 the ham next door - he has friends all over the world, just none in the  
neighborhood :)
Try a vertical first maybe, compare it to your dipole, and go from  there.
73 Scott ka9p
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In the  spirit of debate (sort of-this is more levity, than debate) I'll be 
the  contrarian, here. For around $600-$800 dollars, you could likely find 
a deal  on a pretty decent condition Dentron Clipperton L, or Gonset 
GSB-201, and even  with a marginal antenna, they should hear you, in Mauritania, 
when conditions  are right.
Now, that doesn't mean that you'll hear THEM, but hey, that's  just what 
the HF bands need, isn't it? Another splattering, over powered  station, with 
marginal ears, because of the lack of a good antenna,  right?

Sorry, guys. I couldn't help it, my sarcastic humor runs  deep.

Evening Shade, OK

"If  ye love wealth, greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude, 
greater  than the animating contest, for freedom, then go home from us, in 
peace. We  seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down, and lick the 
boot, of the  hand that feeds you, and may posterity forget, that ye were once 
our  countrymen".
Samuel Adams-Patriot and Brewer

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> Continuing to beat the dead  horse...
> Antenna !!!
> Over 38  years for  me.
> Lots of DX.
> Never owned an amplifier.
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