{Collins} Notice of Expiration that you may be seeing.

Some of you that are CCA members and have expiration dates of your
membership around the end of the year, will be seeing an email from the
"website: (Address:  CollinsRadio.org skerr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:skerr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ) that starts with something similar to:

     Dear N7OTQ,

       Your account will expire on Wednesday, December 31, 2014 6:17 PM 
       This is only a notice, do not be concerned. After your membership

       when you try to login, a box will appear above the login panel: "Your
account has expired."


We have gotten a couple of questions about "What is this and where did it
come from?"   

It is from the CCA website and includes the <trackersoft.com> name because
that is our webmasters home email server.


This is just a friendly reminder from our website that you CCA membership is
about to expire. Each year we have a significant number of members that
forget to renew, and then realize after missing a few issues that they
biffed it. Then we have been backfilling these issues. This is now much more
costly for us to do - due to the size and quality of the magazine and the
fact that membership now runs from when you joined to a year later.



Please take the time to renew when you get this message if you wish to
remain a member.


Bill Carns, N7OTQ

Trustee K0CXX

President, Collins Collectors Association

Editor, Signal Magazine

Wimberley, TX

512 618 2762  (Cell)

512 847 7010  (Home)


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