Re: {Collins} Tuning the 30L-1

As a person with a 30L-1 and just about to get it operational I would love to see all comments on this subject. My two cents worth.

Brent WA0VY  

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> On Nov 1, 2014, at 4:46 PM, Rick Poole WA1RKT <wa1rkt@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thanks, David.
> Someone else emailed me privately saying "The 0 on the meter for tune can be calibrated for correctness. It is adjustable and may be off.".
> (To digress for a moment... It seems that the normal procedure on this reflector tends to emailing the OP privately rather than posting answers to the reflector.  While I can see that for instances where the conversation is beginning to drift off-topic, seems that for direct answers to questions, posting to the reflector would be more productive, does anyone disagree?)
> I'd be curious as to the method for calibrating the zero-tune method.  My manual is completely silent on that topic.
> But, as long as the tune-for-maximum method works...
> This amp has older RFP 811A tubes and the YK board.
> Rick WA1RKT
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> Hi Rick.....
> I think most everyone would agree to ignore the Collins 'zero tune' method.
> Even if calibrated the meter ckt reacts differently on each band so it is
> unreliable to use.
> I don't think it is necessary to check any components.....just use a
> wattmeter and tune it  your way.
> With 811A tubes I would set the load to about 2.5 then drive to 300ma and
> quickly dip the plate, then drive harder and load to 600ma.
> The load control will vary with the band and load.
> For 80mtrs my load control is 3.5.
> My amps have Svetlana 572B tubes and the YK power supply replacement board.
> I load my amps to 300ma then drive and load to 800ma max while observing the
> watt meter.
> 73
> David Harmon
> Sperry, OK
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