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I have the Dennis Brothers DVD on care and feeding of the 30L1 and he suggests just tune for max keeping in mind the limitations Bill Carns described.  The Zero Tune meter calibration is done at 14.3 Mhz and the amp is tuned for about 200 watts ( the manual specifies 20 Watts drive) then the meter is adjusted for zero.  That’s per the manual dated 15 Feb 1965 7th edition. The problem with that is the old technology diodes exhibited frequency response problems. The manual that came with my amp, 5th edition 15 June 1962, has you do this procedure at 3.9 Mhz.  I’ve used both frequencies and there is a difference between the two.  I just limit the drive and tune for max RF output.  I get about 600 watts out and the ALC required adjustment so once that was accomplished, all is well on a scope.


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>> As a person with a 30L-1 and just about to get it operational I would love to see all comments on this subject. My two cents worth.
> It may be repetitive to old timers, but I'd like to see the comments.
> Don W4DNR
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