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I have had several 30L1 amps and the current one is the only one in which
the tune to zero method is accurate, the previous owner calibrated it with
the built in trimmers and in a very high tech lab (his employers).  At 50-60
watts drive on 20 meters it puts out 500 watts which is the power output
specified by Collins with the Tune meter at zero.  I forget the efficiency
but it was better than 50%.  It will put out way more power but an extra 150
watts will not be noticeable on the receiving end.  Therefore, I run mine
the way Collins designed it to be run.  


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>> Read some of my past comments on tuning the 30L-1.
>> There have been a ton of strings on this.

Good evening, Bill.

I'm sure there have been but I was not able to find any that were directly
on-point from the last several months or so (much older than that, and
information sometimes tends to get obsolete, and anyway it doesn't hurt to
re-raise the question occasionally, in case new information is available).

>> I would suggest that at 80 watts drive and 700 watts output, you may 
>> be above the point where the amp is linear.

That is often true.  I feed the outputs of both the exciter and the amp thru
a Kenwood SM-220 scope and watch the trap pattern while speaking.  I can
tell pretty accurately when the amp is going out of linearity... tends to
start happening above about 600 watts peak or so.

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