{Collins} Collins paint colors & sources

Hello all; I recently bought Novexcomm from Dick Robinson K4EIH and he was
the rack mounting guy who says years ago made Collins color rack panels to
suit the picky guys like CCA members are known to be. He wanted to retire
and offered the company to me and I want to continue the tradition of making
color-specific rack panels to suit the marque but Dick has not made any
Collins color panels in many years so he lost his source for them. 


I got a call from a ham yesterday who loves our black panels but really
wants to match his Collins radios with the correct gray color on a panel for
speakers to rack-up his equipment and I can't find the source; is there more
than one color? Who supplies that today?  . 


I also wouldn't mind doing Heath and perhaps some other brands if hams
really want to make their shack color-coordinated so if you have some good
advice for me PLEASE pass it along off-list so we can keep making these for
years to come. With the software driven machines of today we make custom
panels for everything you can imagine and I am enjoying this no end. I want
to get it RIGHT. 


Robert L. (Bob) Burchett WB6SLC


22826 Mariposa Ave. 

Torrance CA 90502





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