{Collins} Cleaning (transmitter) variable caps

I spent some time starting to clean up the KWM-2 I recently picked up,
and all is going fairly well.  There were some seed husks on the inside
and some possible "droppings" as well.  However, I think these may have
dropped inside through the cabinet top as I can find no other evidence
of small furry animals visiting the inside of the rig.  Which I take to
be a very good sign.

There are some curious things to investigate, as it is clear someone
has worked on the rig in the past.  But I digress :-)

I completely removed the final cage as it was really dirty inside.  Once
off, I could see how bad and start to clean.  It has been progressing
nicely, but I did notice a "film" and lots of dust on the plates of the
variable caps.

I'm wondering if there are any good ways, short of "dunking" the entire
chassis, to clean these in place.  Or, would I be better served removing
them so I can really clean them.  I could use either some sort of solvent
(detergent / water) with a soft bristly brush or I do have an ultrasonic

Looking for comments and suggestions (as I await the Hi-Res S-Line and
KWM DVDs) welcome.


- Mark N1VQW

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