Re: {Collins} Cleaning (transmitter) variable caps

Roy / Bill,

Currently my cleaning technique consists of a small "brush" adapter
connected to my (way too large :-) shop vacuum.  This lets me get
just about all of the loose stuff floating around.  I'd rather suck
the stuff than blow it away if possible.  Less possibility of getting
debris where you don't want it.

Once I've done that, I tackle the chassis with a combination of
"Krud Kutter", water, and 90% isopropyl alcohol.  Mostly the first
two and rarely the third.  My tool of choice is cotton tipped swabs.

This does take a while, but I do manage to get a nice cleaning done.
I did this on the 75S-1 and 32S-1 I just completed cleaning.

I'll have to see what sort of access I have to the cap plates when
upside down.  My biggest concern about just unsoldering and removing
the caps is not being able to get them back into place correctly.
(Mostly restring the dial cord.)

Thank you for the suggestions... keep them coming :-)


- Mark  N1VQW

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