Re: {Collins} 75A3 15 M update.

Others with more experience should chime in, but it *may* be possible to substitute in a signal generator at 23.3 MHz in place of the crystal, just to make sure that it solves the problem. Once you are sure the crystal was the issue, you could then hunt one down. 

73 Eugene W2HX

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First I wanted to thank everyone for good advice on this issue with my A3 not working on 15 M. I checked a number of things and I was able to hook up the freq counter as  suggested and I think I've determined that the 15 M oscillator isn't in fact running.  So, now I may be back to a bad crystal or the coil/cap. I'm thinking trying to substitute a good crystal may be a smart move just to see and go from there. Anyone have a spare 23.3 Mhz xtal with the correct pin spacing for this rig lying around? If not I guess I'll get one made-the pin spacing is smaller than a standard FT-243 type. Any further ideas welcomed-thanks again to all who jumped in to help-what a great group!
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