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Everyone should remember a few basic facts about renewing.

You must be logged in to the website to renew. Otherwise it does not know
who you are. You can find the Renew by PayPal button when not logged in, but
it will fail.
Log in and then just click the renew button in the Member Landing Zone

If you selected the auto renewal option on the original PayPal payment
event, then you will be automatically renewed for three years and the
renewal will not be available.

Call if you need help. Someone will help you.


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Well fellow hams it looks like I am not the only one that cant get the CCA
to accept my request for renewal of my membership. Everything i have tried
so far has not worked so what now. I don't want my membership to expire but
if I cant pay my dues thats what s going to happen. I would like to pay with
pay pal but i'll send a check or whatever if I need to. How about a little
help from my friends. Who is the membership chairman and how can I contact
him. Mickey WA6FIZ
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