Re: {Collins} Step-start for 30L-1

Someone sent me a private email (why not just reply to the list and perhaps benefit others?) as follows:

"No easy task due to way the wiring is in a 30L-1.  Most folks would not want to cannibalize the set.  And there is the no room problem unless you get rid of the original ps boards, which is a plus anyway to ditch that poor excuse of a rectifier filter setup.  Better just do it external in a power control box"

Just got finished replacing the original power supply boards, using the Don Van Wagner / K4LAJ power supply board.  Works great and leaves lots of room.

(Don's the guy who does the Heath SB-610/620 conversions to Collins colors, one of which I have here... see my page on QRZ).

The external power box is an option, but maybe I can adapt a Harbach SB-220 step-start to work if I can fit it where the original diode board used to go.


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