Re: {Collins} Step-start for 30L-1 - Good idea?

Good afternoon, John.

I thought of the MFJ but the cost is almost three times the cost of the Harbach internal step-start module and for what?  I can easily wire up a separate on-off switched outlet for the amp if I need one.  Anyway the MFJ unit only limits the inrush to around 12 amps... not really that much of a limitation for a 30L-1, probably more applicable to one of the 2x3-500 amps.


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For what it's worth .............. not pure but works nice and is low cost 
............ I use and MFJ inrush guard. They make both 120 and 240 volt 
models for about $80. You get some inrush protection and you get an on/off 
switch. Is the on/off switch in your 30L-1 worth $80? Mine is. If you can 
find one I think it's a bear to replace! I have the thing mounted along side 
the desk under the "lip" edge where it's about out of sight so it doesn't 
even pollute the Collins picture when I take one.

John W4FID

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