Re: {Collins} 30L-1 strange looking power supply board

Hi Rick....can you post a picture of the board...possibly on a
website....mabey QRZ? 
The reflector does not support attachments.


David Harmon
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Just beginning my next project, to recondition another 30L-1.  This is the
one I've been using for a couple of years... I bought it as a working unit
and opened it up to install the tubes (Svetlana 811A) and give it a
once-over before bringing it up on a variac, but didn't really inspect it
very closely and in those days wouldn't have really known what to look for
anyway.  All seemed OK so I put it into service and have been using it as I
said for a couple of years.

Its output is a bit low (500 watts PEP max) and its linearity on the scope
isn't the best, so since I just finished my other 30L-1 and put it into
service (see the threads about step-starts and relays and such over the last
week or two) this one is next on the bench.  Opened it up and finally took a
close look.  Let's just say it works a lot better than it looks.

The power supply board looks strange.  It's a single board rather than two
boards as original equipment, but it mounts component side up rather than
component side down like the Young Kim and K4LAJ boards do.  It has six blue
radial lead can capactors, each of which is 3.25" high (much higher than
YK/K4LAJ).  Looking down at it from the front of the amp, on the right edge
is a row of white resistors marked 100K 2W (although they look much too
small to be 2W).  The board has some prominent burn marks in the area of
those resistors.

This may be an optical illusion but the board looks sort of trapezoidal in
shape rather than rectangular with square corners.

Any ideas what this might be?

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