Re: {Collins} 30L-1 fuse holder

I believe this is the original item, at least according to ones removed from a 30L-1
And you are probably not going to beat that price
Paul K0UYA

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This might seem like a basic question that could be answered by walking into any Radio Shack, but no such luck...

Do any of you have a manufacturer and part number for a good fuse holder for the 30L-1? It doesn't need to be "correct" in the purist sense of being real Collins NOS... this amp is way past "collector quality" (for example, a previous owner replaced both the input and output RF connectors with SO-239, and took a chassis punch to the "RF Input" hole in the cabinet so it would clear a PL-259 coax-end connector)... but it does need to fit. I have one Radio Shack Special fuse holder that does not have a flat on the shaft and so will not fit in the hole. So, I need one that has a flat in the right place... and good luck finding that kind of information on the typical website.

Google yielded a Gen-Yoo-Ine used Collins 30L-1 fuse holder on ebay in Excellent Condition!!! for $15 plus shipping... don't think so...

Any suggestions gratefully appreciated.


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