Re: {Collins} Astatic D-104

The D104 was Originally a Ham Radio Microphone with Hi Impedance output with
no preamp in the 1940's 50, into the early 70's.
 In the days of American made Ham Radios none of them came with a Microphone
from the manufacture. You were lucky if they included a Mic Plug
with the new radio. You would buy from your Ham Radio dealer an Astatic
,Shure ,Electro Voice and Turner a mic for your new radio. In the late
 50's I also saw Japanese Microphones like Calrad show up. 
 When the Japanese started selling Ham Radios in the US in the late
 60's and 70's in a big way ,they mostly came with a Mic or had their
 own optional desk mics. This meant that the American microphone
 manufactures had to find new outlets for their mics. Shure had contracts
 with most of the two way radio Manufactures like Motorola,GE and RCA.
 Many PA Mics were shure.Also Shure was big in Broadcasting and Music.
 Electro Voice was big in PA and other commercial outlets. Astatic
 looked at the CB Market and all the Fancy D104's with the Preamp to 
 match the low Impedance CB Radios. Turner also got in the CB Market
 with the Turner Plus Amplified Microphones. Turner manufactured many
 of the Collins Microphones. 
                    Stan K6RMR

 The D-104 has a long history for use in a variety of commercial, amateur,
and industrial settings and there is no reason for calumny by calling it a
"CB Mic". That's almost as bad as referring to the early Neumanns with a
separate capsule housing by the name of a long since deceased European
dictator as is often done. 

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