Re: {Collins} Step-start for 30L-1 - Good idea?

To the Group,

I found that the outboard Ameritron the ICP-240 in-rush protection switch
works well with my 30L1 and SB220. I have purchased a total of 3, all where
well-built based on visual inspection and work as advertised. Any
manufacturing quality issues noted in e-ham reviews appear to have been
resolved in my opinion. The last unit purchased arrived with a 100% ops
check label for what it worth and may indicate they listened to the in
service feedback.

If nothing else it saves the OEM switch and are fuse protected.


Mike N7TLL
CCA AC94-10293 

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>> Glad I followed this thread as I'm about to get the 30L-1 
>> operational. I found the inrush guard.
>> It's actually an Ameritron product and available on their website as 
>> models ICP-120 or ICP-240.
>> Looks like a simple solution.

Good afternoon, Brent.

Keep one thing in mind (besides the almost-3x-the cost of the Harbach)...
the Ameritron unit only limits the current to about 12 amps.  Is that good
enough to provide the desired level of protection?  I don't know but it's
worth looking into and asking the question.  It does seem like that unit is
more suited to the higher-power amps of the SB-220 class.

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