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The early D-104 were thicker, and even had 4 eyelets for spring mount!real old buzzard!

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1940s?  The D104 dates to the/1930's/...I may have some old QST's 
showing Collins equipment ads with D-104's....
On 11/5/2014 1:27 PM, Stanley Miln wrote:
> The D104 was Originally a Ham Radio Microphone with Hi Impedance output with
> no preamp in the 1940's 50, into the early 70's.
>   In the days of American made Ham Radios none of them came with a Microphone
> from the manufacture. You were lucky if they included a Mic Plug
> with the new radio. You would buy from your Ham Radio dealer an Astatic
> ,Shure ,Electro Voice and Turner a mic for your new radio. In the late
>   50's I also saw Japanese Microphones like Calrad show up.
>   When the Japanese started selling Ham Radios in the US in the late
>   60's and 70's in a big way ,they mostly came with a Mic or had their
>   own optional desk mics. This meant that the American microphone
>   manufactures had to find new outlets for their mics. Shure had contracts
>   with most of the two way radio Manufactures like Motorola,GE and RCA.
>   Many PA Mics were shure.Also Shure was big in Broadcasting and Music.
>   Electro Voice was big in PA and other commercial outlets. Astatic
>   looked at the CB Market and all the Fancy D104's with the Preamp to
>   match the low Impedance CB Radios. Turner also got in the CB Market
>   with the Turner Plus Amplified Microphones. Turner manufactured many
>   of the Collins Microphones.
>                      Stan K6RMR
>   The D-104 has a long history for use in a variety of commercial, amateur,
> and industrial settings and there is no reason for calumny by calling it a
> "CB Mic". That's almost as bad as referring to the early Neumanns with a
> separate capsule housing by the name of a long since deceased European
> dictator as is often done.
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